Sundae on the Farm

August 20, 2017 11AM-3PM

About The Farm

Roden Echo Valley, LLC
Sundae on the Farm – Sunday, August 20, 2017

Farming, it’s in their blood.

Born and raised on a family farm in the Town of Saukville, Bob started his own farm in 1975 by renting land in the neighborhood and using some of his father’s equipment, and purchasing some of his own. Bob is the son of late Victor and Gladys Roden, and the second oldest of ten children.

In 1978, Bob purchased 40 acres with a barn and a house in the Town of Saukville. In 1981, Bob started milking cows with the 12 cows that he had raised in his father’s herd and by purchasing an additional 12 cows.

In 1983 Bob married Cindy Kohlwey. While living at the Town of Saukville farm, Bob and Cindy were blessed with five children: Rick, Patti, Amy, Becky and Jacki.

In 1995 Bob and Cindy purchased the current farm in the Town of Trenton and sold the farm in the Town of Saukville. When the family moved, they had 70 milk cows. In 2004 Rick purchased heifers to become part owner of the milking cows.

In 2005 Rick purchased some real estate and Roden Hfr Ctr, LLC was formed between Bob and Rick.

Since the family moved in 1995, there have been many changes to the farm.

  • The free stall barn has been remodeled to make use of drive by feeding instead of using feeders and conveyors.
  • Three pit silos have been built to store forage for the herd.
  • All four harvestors are still in use: two for corn silage, one for high moisture corn and one for dry corn.
  • The “old” dairy barn was remodeled into free stalls for our milk cows.
  • In 1997, a 40’ x 80’ free stall barn was built. In 2007 an additional 50’ was added on to this barn. The barn currently houses pregnant heifers.
  • In 2005, a 66’ x 100’ shed was built for machinery and grain storage.
  • Six individual calf buildings were built in 2006 to replace our outside calf huts. Each building houses 16 calves. An additional calf equipment building was built in 2007. That building is used to prepare pasteurized milk for our calves. The farm installed a pasteurizer in 2013 so all the calves are fed pasteurized milk instead of milk replacer.
  • Our dry cow barn and maternity pen were built in 2007.
  • In 2008, a storage bin for grain was built.
  • In 2011, s manure separator was installed to separate the solid and liquid manure. The solids are heated naturally through an anaerobic process to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and they are used as bedding for our free stall barns.
  • In 2014, Jacki came back to the farm after college and formed Roden Barnyard Adventures, LLC. She hosts tours on the farm and offers other events including farm camps and birthday parties.
  • A new slurry store was built in 2014.
  • The farm built a new 12 row cross vent free stall barn with 424 free stalls in 2014-2015. The barn is designed to allow for future expansion to the west, and hopefully for a parlor when needed.
  • During the summer of 2015 a new grain bin dryer system was built. The new system replaces the old dryer bin that was destroyed in a fire in fall of 2014.
  • Roden Echo Valley, LLC is the operating LLC for the farm which includes the personal property. Roden Echo Valley, LLC was formed on January 1, 2015 as they prepare for the future generations.

The 600 cows at Roden Echo Valley, LLC are milked two times per day in a double 8 herringbone milking parlor. Hired employees milk the cows.

All of the feed for the livestock is grown and any surplus is sold. The farm grows corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and beans. Custom planting and harvesting is also done for other farmers in the area.

Bob and Cindy Roden, along with their family, are preparing for the future with their expansion. Bob and Cindy have five children.

  • Rick and Melissa Roden – Rick is part owner and works full time on the farm. His wife Melissa works at Calf-Tel Corp. They have one daughter, Kendra.
  • Patti – Patti works as a district coordinator for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau. She also feeds the heifers daily and helps with other day-to-day tasks as needed.
  • Amy and Chrit Blakeney – Amy and Chrit live in Janesville. Amy is a district coordinator for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau and helps her husband on the farm. Chris works at Amazing Grace Family Farm alongside his father. They have beef and grow produce. They have two daughters, Eleanor and Gloriana, and as son, George.
  • Becky and Eric Assmann – Becky works at the State Bank of Newburg. Her husband Eric works at Charter Steel and helps out on the farm part-time. They have two daughters Jadyn and Adelyn.
  • Jacki and Brett Moegenburg – Jacki owns Roden Barnyard Adventures, LLC and helps on the farm. Her husband Brett works for the Village of Saukville and also helps out on the farm. They have one daughter, Gracelyn.

The Breakfast on the Farm was held at their farm in the Town Saukville in 1992 and at the current location in 1999, 2008 and last year in 2016. The family looks forward to hosting this year’s Sundae on the Farm.